UPDATE: As of Sunday 23 July 2017, The Uganda Project changed its name to Heritage House Uganda.

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Lucy's Story

Lucy never knew her parents, and was raised by her grandmother who struggled to provide for her. Lucy worked for a neighbour as a home labourer from a young age and never had the opportunity to go to school or to learn English. Then everything changed when she came to Heritage House Uganda.

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Moses' Story

Moses' parents abandoned him when he was a baby, and he went to live with relatives who were living in poverty and unable to care for him properly. Life was a daily struggle until he came to Heritage House Uganda and was given a new hope for the future.

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Meet Hope Alice

Meet Hope Alice, who was one of the first children to join Heritage Children's Centre.

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Meet Annet

Meet Annet, a young lady who found a home at Heritage Children's Centre five years ago.

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Meet Reagan

At The Uganda Project we love being able to share stories of hope from the children we support. Reagan is an orphan who has called Heritage Children's Centre home for three and a half years.

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Meet Isaac

Isaac was one of the first children to arrive at Heritage Children’s Centre when it began in 2008.

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